With the 2,800 gallons of air that you breathe each day, make sure that it’s Clean Air.

Your home is your sanctuary, the place that you spend the majority of your time throughout each week. The indoor air should be healthy and good for you to breathe. However, studies have shown that the indoor air quality is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. It’s not ideal for any family to be breathing in air that could be harmful. What creates this type of indoor air pollution? Pollen is one of the culprits, entering the home through doors, windows and indoor/outdoor pets. Mold can also enter the home through windows and doors, and our lovable pets spread fur and pet dander. Harmful viruses from friends and family members can also be brought into your home. You need protection from potential pollution, and your HVAC system is the greatest asset to maintaining a better air quality in your home.

Humidity & Temperature Controls For Your HVAC Systemindoor-air-quality

Controlling the humidity and temperature in your home are the basis of indoor air quality (IAQ). Your HVAC system is responsible for maintaining a high indoor air quality by keeping well-maintained levels of temperature variance, humidity control and ventilation in your home. This essential system plays a huge role in keeping your indoor air healthy and clean and facilitating energy cost management.

Prevent Harmful Bacteria

Without controls and monitoring in place, your indoor air quality can quickly decrease, creating harmful biological growth that can lead to illnesses and aggravate allergies. Prevent the collection of dust mites, viruses, mold spores, fungus and more by changing air filters monthly, keeping the air movement consistent and controlling humidity levels in your home with your HVAC system. The advanced technology that is in place to run your HVAC system efficiently also makes sure that your air quality is maintained at the peak level, to provide healthy conditions in your home.

The Importance of Excellent Indoor Air Quality

Potential IAQ issues can exist in your home, and it is important to review the EPA information on checking IAQ levels in your home: IAQ Checklist. There is also a guide to preventing mold from entering your home: Mold Guide. These tools, along with continued, preventative maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system, will help you to enjoy a nice level of indoor air quality in your home, so you will enable your family to enjoy healthy indoor air throughout the year. Contact Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling to schedule your next inspection or HVAC maintenance to ensure a great indoor air quality in your home: 919-929-9886.