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Want to save money on your monthly energy bills? In Durham, geothermal systems can help you save 30-70%, and they are great for the environment. With a geothermal system installed, your backyard becomes an energy source for heating and cooling your indoor air. How exactly does this work?

With outdoor air temperatures fluctuating throughout the year and varying seasonal temperatures, the ground temperatures four to six feet below the Earth’s surface stay relatively moderate with consistent temperatures all year. This occurs because the Earth absorbs 47% of the heat energy that reaches its surface from the sun. A geothermal system is essentially a water-based solution that circulates throughout a buried loop system, taking advantage of these constant temperatures. It’s really that simple: a single piece of equipment has the strength and ability to heat and cool your indoor home environment, additionally supplying some of your home’s hot water. In Durham, geothermal systems are a great way to save money and go green at the same time. There are two main cycles of the system:

A Geothermal Heating Cycle

While in the geothermal heating cycle, fluid circulates through the loop, extracting natural heat from the ground. The heat energy is sent to the geothermal unit. The unit compresses the extracted heat until it reaches a high temperature, delivering it to your home via a normal duct system or radiant heat system.

A Geothermal Cooling Cycle

The process is reversed for the geothermal cooling cycle. Since the earth is much cooler than the air temperatures on a very hot day, the geothermal system removes the heat from the home and sends it into the ground. Next, the fluid is cooled by the natural ground temperatures and returned to the unit, sending cool air throughout your home.

Why Does a Geothermal System Use Loops?

The geothermal loop system is the heart of geothermal technology, delivering over 300% efficient comfort and savings over the life of the system. To select the best loop system for your home, we will conduct a site survey and detailed energy analysis of your home. The Durham geothermal loop system provides up to 70% savings on energy costs.

Types of Geothermal Loops

Vertical Loop:  For retrofit applications and when the land area is limited, a vertical loop is used. Using a drilling rig, holes are created at a depth of 150 to 200 feet. Next, a U-shaped coil consisting of high density pipe is inserted into the bore hole. Lastly, the holes are backfilled with a sealing solution.

Horizontal Loop:  The most common loop used for geothermal systems, these are installed when adequate land area is available. Excavation equipment, such as chain trenchers, backhoes and track hoes, is used to dig trenches that are 6 to 8 feet deep. Depending on the loop design and desired application, trench lengths range from 100 to 300 feet.

Pond Loop:  A pond loop is optional and installed if a large body of water is available within 200 feet of your home. A ½ acre, 8 to 10 foot deep body of water is adequate to support most average-sized homes. The system uses coils of pipe that are 300 to 500 feet in length. Coils are then placed and anchored at the bottom of the pond, or other body of water.

Open Loop:  When well water is of high quality and always available, this type of loop is recommended. A standard-sized home will require 4 to 8 gallons of water per minute. It is necessary to have a proper discharge area such as a drainage ditch, field tile, river, stream, lake or pond. Local codes for restrictions should be checked prior to selecting a specific discharge method.

Geothermal Energy Systems Save Money

The advanced technology is readily available in Durham for geothermal energy systems, and thousands of homeowners are experiencing the benefits of lower utility bills, higher comfort levels and environmental benefits. 25-50% savings will be realized after installing a geothermal system, compared to using gas, oil or heat pump systems to heat your home. A 2,000 square foot home can be heated and cooled for as little as only a dollar per day. With the water heater benefits from geothermal, you can also save up to 30% on hot water costs each year. Producing 4 units of energy with every unit of electricity used, geothermal systems create great savings on monthly bills.

Geothermal Systems Protect the Environment

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognizes Geothermal as the most environmentally-safe, cost effective heating and cooling system available today. When you install a geothermal system, it is equal to planting 750 trees or removing 2 cars from the road.

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Generate Positive Cash Flows:

The buried loop system will bring higher installation costs, however the significant savings in utility bills and maintenance costs will pay for the system within 3 to 5 years. Less maintenance and more efficient heating and cooling will extend the life of the system.

Free Hot Water Generation:

A little or a lot of your hot water can be produced at much higher efficiencies than ordinary methods when you use a geothermal system. Using a simple connection, the geothermal system can deliver hot water that is stored in your hot water heater. The heat removed from your home during the geothermal cooling cycle is easily deposited directly to the hot water heater instead of the ground, providing you with virtually free hot water.

Geothermal System Life Span:

Requiring little to no maintenance is a wonderful thing. Aside from periodic checks and filter changes, your equipment life is close to 20 or more years, which is much greater than conventional HVAC systems. The indoor location of a geothermal system keeps it away from harsh weather elements.

Geothermal is Clean and Safe:

Geothermal units do not use fossil fuels such as propane and natural gas. Dangerous combustion threats are eliminated. No need to worry about flames, odors, fumes or carbon loop

Improved Overall Comfort:

With even heating and cooling, the air will be more comfortable. You will not experience the hot and cold blasts of air that exist with conventional systems. The air is dehumidified during hot summer months with a Geothermal system.

Enjoy the Quiet:

As quiet as a refrigerator or freezer, geothermal systems use the same principles to operate and have a similar noise level. There is no visual outdoor unit, which makes the outdoor environment more attractive and noise-free. 

Great temperatures. Great benefits. Great savings. Call us today to talk about a Durham Geothermal System at 919-929-9886