Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

We are of the opinion that an Air Conditioner is what makes the South livable. Whether you need an AC repair, some preventative maintenance or it is time to look at replacement options the folks at Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling can help.

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Air Conditioning, AC and how it works

Air Conditioning is wonderful! The box outside with the fan on top is sometimes called the condenser or condensing unit; they are part of a split system cooling system. The inside part is called the evaporator or the air handler.

The purpose of the AC unit is to transfer the heat from inside your home to outside. Refrigerant, most commonly R22 or 410A, sometimes called Freon is used to ferry the heat around. Most people think that air is brought from outside your home, cooled, and then blown out of duct-work. Actually, the air from inside your home is pulled into the system from the air return inside your home, and that air is passed through an evaporator coil in your air handler. The cold refrigerant cools the warm air, which gets sent back through the vents in your home. The refrigerant is now warm from the air, so it is pumped outside to the outdoor condenser which disperses the heat. This cycle continues until the correct temperature is reached and your thermostat shuts off the system.

Did you know that air conditioning was actually invented to the lower humidity? And that is what is does. As the warm air is passed over the evaporator coil, it no longer retains the level of moisture as it can at its higher temperatures. The condensate that is released from the air stays on the outside fins of the evaporator coil, runs down into a built in drain pan and gets carried away through a condensate draining system.


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