October 5, 2016
August 9, 2016

Boer Brothers tips for keeping cool when your air conditioner just won’t keep up

Every year at this time we get calls from customers who have an issues. Their air conditioner, while working some, just isn’t up to the demand of the heat wave we are experiencing. These customers just want the air conditioner to do its job and keep the temperature at a reasonable and comfortable temperature when
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June 27, 2016

Learn How to Be Cool

The Boer Brothers Know Cool… Well About Cooling. Being Cool… We are in a Learning Phase We are on a mission to create a group of loyal and educated clients. Today we talk about how air conditioners work, the different types of systems, ventilation, how to maintain your AC, common AC Problems and tips for
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Commercial Building Indoor Air Quality How to Guide

Commercial heating and air conditioning systems are critical components that help keep business offices comfortable and safe for employees. While the addition of HVAC systems have proven to offer innumerable benefits, studies show that poorly maintained HVAC systems such as humidification systems, cooling coils and commercial ducts may be potential sources of serious health risks
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Why is my AC so LOUD?!

Why is my air conditioner so loud and what can I do about it? First of all, just what is loud? A unit making a bit of noise when it starts up on the other side of the house when you live on three acres is different than a unit that is loud on startup
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When should you repair and when should you replace your Carrboro, Chapel Hill or Durham air conditioner?

Considerations when deciding whether to replace or repair your air conditioner.  There are multiple considerations when deciding on the best course of action when facing an air conditioner repair. Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling recommends that the primary consideration is the age and frequency of the repairs and the size of the current issue. We
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Boer Brothers Heads Off Crustacean Cannibalism

Did you know that Lobsters sometimes eat each other when the water is too warm? The lobster tank should be kept as cold as possible, as long as it’s above freezing. At low temperatures, water holds more oxygen and lobsters are less active and require less oxygen. Cannibalism and the threat of disease are also
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AC Troubleshooting Guide

AC system issues? Read through these topics: I HAVE NO COOLING You may have a tripped circuit breaker. Recommended Action: Check your home circuit breaker box and reset circuit breaker. Your thermostat/control may be off or set incorrectly. Recommended Action: Check to make sure your thermostat/control is on and set to cool. Reset to your desired
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