What does it mean to “Go Green” when focusing on heating and air conditioning?

We are all interested in helping the environment and making a positive contribution for our communities and neighborhoods. Through our extensive knowledge of HVAC systems and the availability of green heating and air conditioning products in Durham, we will find the right blend of energy efficiency and comfort for your home or office building. At Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling, our higher efficiency HVAC systems combined with our green practices will provide you with options that will improve indoor and outdoor air quality, reduce emissions and lower energy bills.

Going Green Thumbs Up

Going green has a positive impact all around

In the Triangle area of NC, cities such as Chapel Hill, Durham, Carrboro, Hillsborough and Pittsboro are becoming informed of the best ways to heat and cool homes and businesses to make a positive impact on the neighborhoods and areas that surround us. This positive impact can be achieved through implementing green building practices in homebuilding, selecting energy efficient HVAC systems, and having routine maintenance performed from a certified technician to keep your heating and cooling systems operating at the highest efficiency level.


Geothermal Pond Loop Up Close

Boer Brothers Heating and Cooling recommends and implements practices to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact in the Triad area. We offer green heating and air conditioning in Durham to use and process energy efficiently, with better materials and safety measures in place. When higher efficiency systems are used, homeowners experience economic benefits since the operating costs are reduced, the cost-per-unit on manufactured products and services are less, and the lease and resale values of real estate are enhanced with the extended life of the HVAC equipment.

Decrease waste and chemicals, increase health and productivity

When waste materials and waste disposal costs are reduced, the environmental impact is decreased. Chemical use costs are less, water usage and waste water costs are decreased, and the reuse of materials and recycling is encouraged. All of these factors lead to emerging markets for locally produced goods and services, fewer transportation costs and better air quality. When the air quality improves indoors, the environment becomes healthier, increasing productivity. With green heating and air conditioning in Durham and surrounding areas, the greater efficiency and decreased amount of waste leads to optimal health and a better living environment. Homebuilding is an area where green building practices can make a significant positive impact by maximizing efficiency within each aspect of the homebuilding process.

Boer Brothers helps by implementing green practices

We are helping to go green with each aspect of our heating and air conditioning business. Every time that we advise our clients on how to save energy and lower bills when installing HVAC systems or remodeling, we are engaged in green practices that positively impact our community. Some of the other little things that we do that are related to green heating and air conditioning in Durham include:

  • We recycle the metals that are used
  • We recycle all of the recovered refrigerants, helping to protect the ozone from depletion
  • Our vehicles are purchased and maintained with higher MPG’s for efficient gas mileage
  • Smart routing practices are implemented to use the minimum amount of fuel for service visits
  • Our facility has programmable thermostats that we use to reduce energy usage and maintain optimal air quality
  • Low energy light bulbs are used throughout our facility

Green Plus Certification and our community

We are committed to creating better ways to do business while positively impacting our surrounding areas. Consistently learning about new green practices, we are furthering our education through the Chapel Hill Carrboro Chamber of Commerce Green Plus Certification process. Along with the Green Plus Initiative, we will continue to learn and grow in the area of green heating and air conditioning in Durham and surrounding areas.